Affinity Coaching and Supervision

Coaching for transition and organisational development

At Affinity Coaching and Supervision, we are passionate about working with management teams and supporting transitions in the whole organisational system. In our experience, senior managers benefit enormously from receiving coaching during transitional periods, when they not only need to lead organisational change, but also make changes to their own leadership approach.

If your organisation is going through change (and what organisation isn’t?!) we would encourage you to talk to us about the support we could offer. While the solutions we provide are tailored to the particular circumstances involved, we often find that a combination of the following three types of support can help ensure that organisational development is effective and transitions are sustained:

  • Facilitation – for example, facilitating key meetings to ensure decision-making and engagement is effective
  • Team coaching – for example, getting an executive team or project management team to work together effectively
  • Individual coaching – for example, supporting senior managers or project champions to develop their leadership skills

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