Affinity Coaching and Supervision

Mentoring for health and wellbeing managers/teams

Emma Donaldson-Feilder has two strands of expertise:

  • consultancy and research into health and wellbeing in the workplace; and
  • coaching psychology, including supervision for coaches and mentoring.

She brings these strands together into a unique support and development service for health and wellbeing professionals, which can be provided to individual health and wellbeing managers or to entire health and wellbeing teams.

What are the benefits of this service?

  1. At an organisational level: business success through greater resilience, engagement and performance of employees.
  2. At the team level: effective and mutually supportive team working.
  3. At an individual level: development of professional knowledge and expertise.

The proposed programme will:

  • Enable you to take a helicopter view.
  • Support you to communicate and collaborate.
  • Provide a reflective space to review what you are doing, identify any obstacles and how to overcome them, and plan next steps and effective action.
  • Offer you opportunities to learn from what you have done.
  • Provide support and input from an expert.
  • Bring an emphasis on putting research into practice.

What is provided?

The service is made up of the following elements:

  • Initial review process
  • Initial planning session
  • On-going mentoring sessions
  • Face-to-face day-long workshops/meetings
  • Review of and feedback on documents, presentations and plans

The initial review, planning and on-going mentoring are essential parts of the service. The workshops/meetings and feedback on documents are optional parts of the service that can be included from the start or contracted for on an as-needs basis.

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