Affinity Coaching and Supervision

Case study: Supporting senior managers with health and wellbeing

Client: Occupational Psychologist (MR) working on a culture change project for a large financial sector organisation

Project aim: To provide supervision for MR throughout the project in order to maximise her effectiveness through reflective practice and learning

What we did:

Over the course of the culture change project, Emma provided supervision and support for MR in the following ways:

1. Telephone supervision conversations: Conversations took place on an as needs basis at times convenient to MR. These allowed:

  • Review of actions so far taken, what worked and didn’t work
  • Discussion of actions to be taken of the coming days and weeks
  • Discussion of the systemic and contextual influences on the project

2. Review of presentations and plans for interventions: MR sent copies of presentations for review and Emma provided feedback either via email or during a supervision conversation.

3. Project end review: When the project finished, Emma and MR had a review conversation to explore what had worked well and what MR would choose to do differently if she worked on another similar project.


* Meta-perspective and systemic view: MR was the only consultant working on this project and therefore did not have a team on which she could draw for support. Supervision allowed MR to have a sounding board and reduced the isolation of this way of working. Feedback and support on specific interventions also allowed her to have greater confidence in what she was doing.

* Reducing isolation and building confidence: The supervision sessions provided a supportive environment in which the coaches could share the challenges they were facing in their coaching work – either with both Emma and their colleagues or with Emma alone. This allowed them to get support on how to overcome challenges and learn from them.

* Reflection and learning: Supervision allowed MR to reflect on her work and to learn from the experience, enabling her to develop her expertise in a conscious way for future projects.

Client perspective:

The context to this assignment was complex. The focus was an IT delivery that required cultural change – identified as an afterthought - to support a successful implementation. Emma was marvellous to work with. She was comfortable with the uncertainty of a vague brief. This was essential as detailed briefing would have both breached client confidentiality and engulfed our sessions.

Emma played a vital role to help me to bounce ideas around, encourage elaboration of detail and progress development of workable solutions. Her critique and feedback really added value. Also, she was often the only person who provided any praise for the quality of work done, as it was rather taken for granted by the client.

The chance to reflect and advance my learning at the end of the project was a helpful and positive experience.

I will certainly ask Emma to provide this support in future.

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