Affinity Coaching and Supervision

Supervision and mentoring for other professionals

Supervision is about providing a formal process of professional support, which aims to ensure the continuing development of the individual and effectiveness of their practice through reflection, interpretation, evaluation and sharing of expertise. Why should this kind of support be limited to coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and particular branches of psychology? At Affinity Coaching and Supervision, we believe that there are many professionals who can benefit from supervision or mentoring, including Occupational Psychologists and those working in fields such as team development, culture change and organisational development.

As a result, we now offer supervision not only to coaches, but also to a range of other professionals. As for our coach supervision, we see this supervision fulfilling three broad purposes (as identified initially by Hawkins and Smith):

  • Development - helping the professional achieve reflective learning, to develop skills and understanding through exploration of client work and other aspects of their practice
  • Support - ensuring that the professional receives the support they need in undertaking their work and the challenges it present
  • Quality control - providing a review of ethical standards and a chance to look at blind spots, vulnerabilities and risks

In some cases, this service may include mentoring: in other words, it may include not only development, support and quality control, but also input of knowledge and experience. For example, for professionals working in the field of workplace health, wellbeing and engagement, we can draw on our experience and expertise in the domain (see our sister company Affinity Health at Work for more), allowing us to pass on knowledge and understanding as well as providing supervision-type support.

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